Evicting a tenant without proper licenses

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I am looking for help on a sensitive issue. I have a tenant that is not paying in a property for which I did not get all of the licenses. In Philadelphia, if you do not have all of the licenses on a specific property, you cannot legally evict someone. Anyone have any advice?

Account Closed Seems like the obvious advice would be to get the missing licenses... and then proceed to evict... unless I'm missing something?   Without more info it's hard to know what to suggest.

@Ethan Giller getting the licenses could take up to a month and introduces around $400 in fees. Also, they may not accept the fact that the license was acquired after the tenants already moved in. 

Do you have any experience with eviction in Philadelphia personally?

Account Closed Yes, I self-manage (with my team) my rental properties which are all located in Philadelphia.  You can apply for a rental license and rental suitability cert same-day online in most cases.  You're correct that most of the time you won't be able to file for back rent for the time period where you didn't have the licenses but you can still obtain them now and use them to file for possession.  Just be careful because without the rental suitability cert then legally you're not entitled to any rent so we have seen judges reverse all rent previously paid to a landlord who didn't provide that to a tenant at move-in.  Email me directly (email in profile) if you want.  You can try cash for keys but there shouldn't be any reason in to operate without the correct licenses in Philly because you're just putting yourself at risk.

Hi I am new to being a landlord and I stumbled across your post online while searching for answers. I am in a similar situation and I just wanted to know how things turned out for you and if you could give me any advice. I hope you even see this seeing as how this is so long from your post. Thank you