What to do about FAKEbook (Facebook) posts?

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First of all, I don't have a Facebook account. My company doesn't either. We don't need it and don't want it. 

Long story short, someone posted my number on Facebook (really should be called Fakebook) apparently generially advertising me as property manager for phantom property and (apparently-- I haven't seen the post) w/o background checks I don't manage and my company doesn't own. I've tried to find out who posted and I am 0 for 6. People will not disclose who posted. I have received over 240 calls the last I checked. The volume has slowed some, but I'm up to 7 already this morning.

Does anyone know how to 1) find out who posted? and 2) how to Eliminate the post? I've tried googleing but to no avail. Is there something like on Craigslist?

For Craigslist posts, there is a "flag" option that is effective in getting posts removed. The best method I know is to post a 'real' ad on CL to explain what is going on (someone is posting your property for rent without your conscent) along with a link to the fake post and a request for the CL community to 'flag' the fake post. I'm looking for something like this for Fake Facebook posts.

Thanks in advance. Got two three calls while typing this... what a PITA.

Why don't you ask one of the callers to send you the link???

Try doing a search on Facebook of your phone number? I know that won't work if it was posted in a closed group though. Or join the local Craigslist and for sale type groups and do a search there? Maybe Google your phone number to see if somebody posted it on Craigslist?
Originally posted by @Patrick M. :

Why don't you ask one of the callers to send you the link???

Thanks for the reply. I have asked, but been unsuccessful. 0 for 7 now. My number and about 10 others are on the FB 'post'. If I had the link, I suppose could get a Facebook user to 'flag' it? Not sure how that works. 

If you find the post it can be reported. Have you had someone with a fb account search for it? Or just make one up just so you can investigate. Also are the numbers local?   Maybe they posted it on a community page that lists properties for rent.

If you post or PM me the phone number being listed I will try to find it on Facebook.  If I find I will flag it myself but the contact may have to come from you for the removal to stick.  Which may be frustrating because their system is more set up to handle people's names being impersonated rather than phone numbers, but there is a form for people without Facebook accounts to fill out in such a situation. 

@Chris Martin ,

Social media is pretty much here to stay. It's one of those things that, like the shrunken head said in "Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban" (about the pea soup at The Leaky Caldron), "Make sure you eat it before it eats you".

As I understand your post, you're complaining about free advertising which is working for you: steady stream of calls coming in.

That said, of course, the poster could have just fat-fingered the number and posted yours instead of someone else's - or did they call out you or your company by name? It might even have been a positive recommendation.

BP is social media, also, by the way ...

Abstention from social media or the web in general kinda works in reverse: if folks can't find you on-line, they'll use the info they do have: your number as posted.

@David Dachtera the "ad" is for a property I described as a "phantom property". The property is fake (not defined) with an asset class I don't own or manage in a county where I don't have any property available. After asking several callers, I found out the "ad" basically says 'call these people because they don't screen tenants...'  So, no, these are 100% garbage calls. 300+ now. 

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