How to choose AirBnb manager

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Hello everybody!
I just recently purchused 2 family house for investing purpose. I want to do AirBnb in one of units since its vacant to create some extra cashflow.
I have met and spoken with 5 different companies who manage airbnb and they charge anywhere from 10-20%. How to chose the right company?
Anybody has an experience with that please share?
Thank you!

We work with an Airbnb property manager in Denver, CO, that charges 15%. I think this is a little higher than some, but I know she argues that her services are worth it because she doesn't charge a minimum, handles all logistics, all communication, knows the local laws/taxes and does on-site checks. I would also ask if they have a plan for how to appease neighbors that might be just okay on Airbnb.

Hi @Liubov Kapitulskaya .  I would ask if they have an on-staff handyman and how they handle the repairs of your home.  This I think will be the major differentiator.  Here in Denver, I've found that the more experienced property managers charge more and the "little guys" charge less.  Also consider what they are charging their commission on.  If they charge on gross revenue, 15% of gross could equal 20% of gross minus cleaning fees and Airbnb fees.  As a manager in Denver, I would be happy to help answer any further questions you have, feel free to shoot me a PM.



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