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I have a couple questions on creating a new lease agreement. I found a kansas lease agreement on rentallease.net/kansas. although I like most of the terms in this lease, I would prefer to change a couple things around pet deposit etc. 1. Is it safe to use a lease agreement found online for free? 2. If I want to make changes and add a couple more clauses, should I have it verified by an attorney? 3. If yes on 2, how do I find an attorney to get the agreement verified? 4. I have an old lease from one of the apartments I've lived in and really like all their detailed explanation. Is it ok to use certain clauses from this agreement in the new one? 5. Do we have to provide a mold disclosure notice in kansas? Thank you for your help!

1. Ask an attorney

2. Best answer is yes

3. I got mine from someone here, however you could probably just google "kansas city real estate attorney" and talk to a couple.

4. Ask an attorney

5. Ask an attorney

Haha, that was somewhat of a joke, but in all seriousness it would be best to discuss all this with someone that KNOWS the answer. IMO, it might be ok to do most of what you want, but you absolutely should not listen to me. Personally, I've changed/added things to my lease without my attorney reviewing it. The risk is that maybe I worded something incorrectly and it wouldn't hold up in court. But I didn't do that to major parts and I accept the risk.

At the end of the day, spending $100-200 to get the lease you want reviewed and approved by an attorney is not that big of an expense. You'll use it often and it's your best friend in a court setting.

Thank you Dustin Beam! I have reached out to a couple attorneys I found online but none of them have replied back yet. Do you know of any website which would be a good source to find an attorney?

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