Air BNB lease agreement

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Hi! I am starting an air bnb business and I am stuck on the Lease Agreement. My strategy is to rent from landlords and then put it on Air bnb. How do you word your lease agreement for the amount of minor repairs you will take care of? And how do you word your addendum for permission to rent it to short term guests?

BTW I know some people will jump on here saying that is illegal...... Only if you don't have the landlords permission. The people getting in trouble are the ones that are doing it behind the landlords back. I have done my homework.

Any help I can get is greatly appreciated!

Hi Amanda, I am sorry I don't have an answer for you. However,  i have a question of my own? I am also wanting to start an air bnb business using the same strategy.  My question to you is what is the best approach in getting the landlord's permission

What I have read says to tell them all of the benefits of them doing it. Such as, less wear and tear than with regular tenants, you take care of all MINOR maintenance and repair ( up to a specific dollar amount that you choose) so they aren't bothered with it, professional cleanings every week, etc. Anything you can think of that would benefit them.

Oh, and a big one I forgot on the previous post! You can set up direct deposit for the rent payment to automatically go into their bank account every month, so they always know that rent is going to be payed on time and they wont have any hassles getting it.

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