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Hi BP -

We're closing on a duplex in Vallejo, CA this week and are actively seeking/vetting reliable property managers. Are there any current Vallejo land lords with Section 8 tenants that are willing to share referrals, reviews and/or feedback on their experiences with local property managers?

Thank you, in advance!

Hello @Spencer H. I self manage my SFR in Vallejo but I'm currently in the process of closing on a duplex in Vallejo also. Curious, Did you find a property management companyt work with?

Hi @JaNae Anderson - we narrowed it down due to a few solid choices, but ultimately went with (what we think) is the best option who also took on Section 8 tenants. Of the professional, well-reviewed optionswe spoke to, we went  with Marina Realty Property Management.

By the way: you may have already done diligence on market pricing for management and/or tenant placement services, but what we found was all property managers charged at least

* 50% of 1st months rent for tenants placed

* 8% of rents (including fees)

* Some charged multiple add'l fees for nickel and dime-y reasons

I hope this helps. Good luck with the closing!

Thanks I appreciate the info and thanks for wishing me luck. 

@JaNae Anderson - happy to help

If you end up going with Marina Realty, please mention my name to Sally over there. And it would be appreciated if you could throw an upvote!

No prob I hit the upvote, please do the same. Happy holidays @spencer h

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