What insurance company do you use for rental properties?

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What company do you use for your rental property insurance and what's your experience so far? I'm hoping most of you haven't had to deal with a claim, but if you have, bonus points if you tell me how it went!

I'm trying to figure out who to get some quotes from and my general direction is compromised (the one I would use that I use for auto doesn't do rental properties (I think) and my primary house company we've had a claim with and it's been a slow dragged out process since the adjuster is completely overworked (or lazy, who knows) ) so now I feel like I'm just randomly googling it and I'm sure that's not a great way to go, so any help would be much appreciated!

Currently switching my only duplex to a rental policy while obtaining new quotes for another primary residence and auto. I did have NREIG quote me yesterday and they were half the price of what my current insurance agent did. I will say that I have not spoke to them by phone to verify everything is as good as it looks, but I have a phone call scheduled with them today so I can't see how the price will double by whatever I end up changing.

We do our business with a top notch insurance broker in our town. A good insurance broker will have a great variety of products available and help you select the one that is the best match for your situation.

Our broker recommended Safeco for all of our rental properties. Last year December, we had significant wind damage to the roof of one of our rental houses. We called our insurance broker. They contacted Safeco. The insurance adjuster from Safeco was there the next day, surveyed the damage, produced the claim documents, estimated the amount of damage (itemized with dollar amount), and wrote a check on the spot! This is with the understanding that after getting into the work if the costs were higher or something was overlooked, the recovery amount could be reevaluated and readjusted as necessary. It doesn't get any better than that!

I found Wesco AM Trust through an insurance broker I met at a real estate event in NY.  Problem I had was that I was usually paying around $800-1000/ year for insurance on a 4-7 unit building but since I live out of state the insurance companies have doubled it since I am considered an "absentee landlord"  - has anyone ever heard of this?  

Anyways, I was able to find a cheaper quote through this broker, but I still stand at approx $16-1700/year when I was paying half.