Going Rate for Cash for Keys

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I'm probably going to go down for this but...My landlord was foreclosed on and we are being offered Cash for Keys.  We live in a Condo in Old Town Pasadena, CA.  What's a reasonable amount we should accept? Thank you!

Since this a forum for landlords, you would probably have better luck asking your question in the renter's forum on Reddit.  I think they also have a city specific forum that could answer your question.

Who is offering you the Cash for Keys?  Your former landlord or the foreclosing lender?

Doubt they have to offer you anything.. All the lender has to do is wait till the sheriffs auction and your out.. no money no nothing I'd take what ever they offered and be glad to get something.. unfortunate event if you actually had been paying your rent ,, but it happens.. owners get foreclosed on and lose their properties back to the lender same as homeowners .. just don't get filed on it will HURT your housing record and better to vacate and take whatever they offer than it be a total loss get nothing and then find a filing notice or process server at your door serving you a eviction notice.