We are finishing fixing up our 2nd rental property and we are debating renting the detached 24x30 garage with the house. It would be nice to keep to store our boat in during the winter however the driveway is very narrow and we would have to have the renter move their car completely out of the driveway to get anything in and out of it. Has anyone else kept the garage and experienced this? If so was there any extra verbiage you added to the lease to ensure you can get your stuff in and out of the garage. I think if i include the garage I can ask an extra $100 - $200 for such a nice large garage space, my worry with that is how do I ensure someone isn’t running a mechanic shop out of it or worse. So if anyone has any suggestions on verbiage I can add to the lease regarding renting the garage as well I would gladly take advice on both. Also if there is anything else I should worry about when renting the garage please share! Thank you!