Asking tips on starting a small property management business

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I am a Realtor and have experience in sales and a few in placing good tenants in rental properties. I'm planning to build a small property management to help potential landlords and other clients in managing their rental properties esp in Miami, Fort Lauderdale areas. 

I have been reading information on costs etc but I would like to hear what is average or ideal costs and fees that property management charges here in South Florida? 

and perhaps advices and things to avoid that you can offer. I would be glad to hear from you. 


I wish you the best of luck in your Real Estate ventures, but as a licensed Real estate agent, you can not ask about fees. Please do some research in another way

Hello Mary!   You are planning and thinking about property management, great!

Your dream needs  the proper license .... I have looked you -up with the DBPR,  and I cannot get to see you are!   The DBPR has no Mary Yasol in Ft Lauderdale, FL.  Yes they have YASOL, MARY MAY, in LUTZ, FL 33558; as a RE salesperson ... if this you or not I do not know.   

I suggest that you place your RE License with an existing RE OFFICE and go after your dream with the RE Office Broker backing you!  As I see it right now, going at this 'venture' can be costly, and you need the proper contracts, insurance, etc ... you get the idea.  It is doable but competition is high! 

Good luck ....

Thanks Ed for checking. I need to update my address with DBPR, My license is active. 

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