3 BDR/ 1 Bath Single Family Home with Stand up Shower(no tub)

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I’m looking at what appears to be a good deal for a rental property.

3/1 SFH in a VERY desirable area that has a high demand for rental houses. The numbers work so I won’t get into that. The only potential issue is that the bathroom is small with a stand up shower. No tub. House is totally remodeled and ready to go.

Would love to hear thoughts on the house not having a tub.

Small children are often bathed in a bathtub.  can u convert the shower to a tub-shower combo?  Or try it out as-is; not everyone has small children and if in a very desirable neighborhood it may not matter. We've been renting out a SFD for years and never had any small children there. 

It might be fine for a rental.  I doubt it would be fine to sell to someone wanting to buy a home though. It would not be high on my list to purchase a tubless house to live in for a long time. I'm curious as to why the rehabber shorted the bathroom.  Extra bedroom? Larger kitchen? Closet space?

It appears they’re just was not enough space upstairs. I think they felt it would be more important to have a third bedroom.

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