30 days notice to tenant

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how do I go about giving 30 days notice to a tenant for them to move out? How do you bring that conversation up I know it has to be in writing but It's my first eviction and I'm kind of nervous! Also I inherited these tenants when I bought the property last week and for loan purposes I need to occupy one of the units.


I’m a little confused about your question; is there lease up or on a month to month, or have they not paid the rent, hence your comment about eviction?

Important to read your landlord tenant laws for your state about how and how long of a notice is required. Secondly, I always give notice in several ways so that it leaves nothing to question; phone, text, email and mail or certified. 

@Monty Shirley you start by learning the law!

It literally took me 30 seconds to search "New York Landlord Tenant Law" and one of the first links was THIS GUIDE from your Attorney General. It lists additional resources at the end of the handbook. 

There is a ton of free information out there. If your idea of real estate investing is to buy a property and hope everything works out on it's own, you will join the millions of dissatisfied, unsuccessful investors in this country.

Learn the law. Prepare yourself for "what if" scenarios before they occur. BP is a great source but you have to filter everything you hear because a lot of it comes from amateurs that regularly give bad advice.

If you want to start educating yourself, I highly recommend Every Landlord's Legal Guide by NOLO. It gives very practical advice about marketing, creating a lease, inspections, collecting rent, evictions, etc. It includes the specific laws for your state and some basic forms you can use to get started.

If you educate yourself, real estate investing can make you wealthy. If you don't, it can make your life hard and you'll never achieve your goals.

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