eSigning: Any one using DocuSign/DotLoop/HelloSign/eSign?

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I have used DotLoop in the past. They used to be free and now have the total documents limited to 10. We have 37 units and do not expect a lot a signatures in a year. The paid version is unlimited for $29 per month, and that is steep for our business. I would like to see if other users are using any service for the document signing. I have looked at DocuSign, eSign+ and HelloSign. Trying to get any experience both good/bad from others who have used any of those services. 

Thanks in advance.


I like Docusign the best, I forget the cost though off hand, $200 or $250 a year, something like that.

Is it possible to use docusign inside podio?

@Chandra Venkat I think for 37 units it is definitely worth investing in the unlimited dotloop service (less than $1 per unit/month in your case).  Not only does it facilitate all your signing but it is also essentially replaces the need for a file cabinet.  All your rental documents and leases are stored in dotloop for easy access at any time.  

I use the "A la Carte" pricing offered by Lease Runner. A completed and signed batch of documents cost $25. It is worth it to me because the Lease Runner lawyers have done their homework. They know a state's rental laws so they have different lease templates along with other necessary documents for each state. 

@Chandra Venkat Try signeasy, 15/mo. I don’t see why you are complaining about a service that you value and not pay for it. It’s much more cheaper than paper and your time.

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