Tenant despises owner after late payment eviction

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Repeated texts to this tenant re: late rent got exceedingly frustrating. Tenant was warned of consequences and he texted "see you in court". He WILL lose.
But, now he's got a job and is paid up. Won't speak to me; won't respond to texts. Although he hasn't told me, there are a few maintenance issues which I'd be nglad to fix. If he was allowed to stay, it would be his $$ (rent) paying for repairs.
I recently texted him that I'd like to change air filter for hot air furnace......no response.

Think the $$ is worth the stress?

Generally in your situation you would be best to non renew his lease when it comes up. Chances are he will not want to stay anyway.

Be patient, he will be gone at the end of his lease. If he is on M2M give him notice now and be done with him.

AS far as the repairs are concerned simply give proper notice to enter under your state landlord tenant regulations and do the work. Legally tenants can not stop a landlord from entering when given proper notice.

@Stan Furman   First off, no one wins in court, so even if he loses, so do you.  Tenants are increasingly difficult, and increasingly protected by law, especially those that have learned to work the system.    

Give him the required notice that you will be gaining access to your property.  In my area, I have to give 24 hour notice.  Post it on the front door, and take photos of the posted notice with date/time stamp so that you can prove your compliance with local laws for access.    

Indicate that it is for routine maintenance, and bring tools (and/or handyman) to get fixed, indicating an interest in whatever problems he has observed that you can fix.  Send him a text to let him know you have posted formal notice on his front door, another (trackable, provable) way to indicate your good faith of giving proper notice. If he says not a good time, you can either say too bad, or tell him you are glad to work with him and appreciate if he sends you a list of any maintenance issues he would like you to deal with.    

Additionally,If he doesn't provide you a list, he is indicating no existing problems.   At this point, you need to protect yourself in as many ways as possible.  He is either a jerk, or embarrassed. Lets hope for the latter.     

So a landlord can enter the residence without permission with a legal notice.

@Thomas Robb, yes, for appropriate reasons, such as maintenance, inspections, to show the property, to check on abandonment after posting, or if an emergency is happening that harms the property or lives.  It's important to tread the local tenant landlord laws to understand what notice is needed and it is important to be reasonable and respect the tenant.  Strict laws get instituted because landlords don't know or care about the right thing to do.

In the OP's state, the landlord/management may enter the residence after giving notice and during "reasonable" hours.  Again, this would be for maintenance (in this case).

Perhaps the issue is that "repeated texts" regarding late rent have been, well, repeated too much.    In addition, it would appear that the tenant may be aware any other repair issues will be coming out of his rent.


I like to consider myself a reasonable man; the tenant didn’t have a job and was back on his rent, probably concerned with getting kicked out. That’s stressful. He did pay up, I assume late fees and all, if this tenant is worth keeping then I would approach the situation head on. Texts aren’t working, next time you see him in person try to show some compassion just enough so he knows you care but still mean business. We all have had those days that we said things we shouldn’t have. If you can come to an agreement and make amends then I would proceed with keeping him, but if after this attempt to offer the olive branch goes left then it’s time to evict.

Check your state landlord tenant laws so you know procedure to enter.

Whats your furnace worth,, of course get in and change filters with proper notice.. and anything else 

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I am still learning the landlord game.. I spent years studying and reading about financial principles, about chain of title, foreclosure process, rent laws in my area, how HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems work, etc... But you know what I didn't think to improve on, which is what has bitten me in my butt now that I'm self-managing my rentals?

Effective goal-oriented communication with tenants!  I started off basically dropping off notes, texting, etc, and I've had two situations now blow up because that one-way style lost a lot of subtext that would have prevented the situation from escalating. 

If I had gone and talked to them face-to-face, neither situation would have never happened. Thankfully, one tenant understood I'm just a gruff old man but a good landlord otherwise, and we are back on good terms. The other, I had to evict.

Granted, its very stressful to have to go face up with someone who wants to argue with you. There is a book called "Crucial Conversations" which gives a lot of tips on how to handle this sort of situation. I also would love to take some sort of police training to learn that authoritative, (without being condescending) detached, analytical style of discussion that effective cops use. 

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