need advice landlord dont want to fix a water leak

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need advice last month I noticed that  was a water leak on the main line on the yard so I called the city they came and said it was on my landlord side so he was responsible for fixing the leak . I told him he has to fix the leak . Everytime I call him he treat me to kick me out basically my lease expired already .I don't know what to do I want to move out but iam in the process to buy me a house so far I didn't find anything yet. Iam running out of options .Any advice from anybody  than you

Hey Filiberto, you certainly would have the law on your side as a tenant who doesn't own the house. However, practically, you might want to just move out since your lease expired. People don't change much, and even if you got your landlord to take care of the leak, there would just be something else down the road that would come up. Per this site: you have to give your landlord 20 days notice. This is a slow time for landlords renting places typically so I think you might find a good place available. The only reason to stay, to me, would be if you were close to purchasing your own house and you needed to show a long tenant lease history, but sounds like you are not really close to buying. My best to you!

So who pays the water bill,, is the leak happening before the meter,, then the city is losing water,, if the owner is paying the water bill then he's losing the water and paying for it..or if your paying the water bill your paying for it.

I guess I'd call the city again and ask if they can have landlord repair as your not able to get any results..

Winter's going to be here soon,, and when it freezes the water will not go into the soil it will raise up and you'll have a lake to skate on

Deanna the leak is after the meter and I pay for the water I talked to the city many times they said there is nothing they can due about they said if the landlord doesn't fixed and I have to fixed

How. Much is it to fix it? What is your monthly rent?

Send him a letter that the fix will be deducted from rent payment.

I would file a motion with the Washington DC landlord tenant court claiming for a water cost refund from your landlord. Once your landlord is contacted by the court with a hearing date you will probably hear from him.

Filing the motion should protect you from being kicked out by the landlord but the reality is you should have moved out when he refused to fix the leak.

I deal with this all the time in my "day" job. The best answer for you is to move. The LL will have a difficult time putting or keeping anyone in the unit with a major leak that's causing a big water bill. 

Sometimes landlords like to think there is no problem if they keep saying there is no problem.  Send him a nice letter stating:  On xx date, I notified you that there is a leak on the property.  The water company state that it is owner responsibility to fix this leak. I am requesting that you fix the leak as quickly as possibly since it is leaking throughout the yard and will most likely cause some damage in the future.

Please let me know when this can be repaired. 

All you can do is put this in writing and request it again. Make sure you do it nicely and professionally. 

If he actually wants you out and has given you notice, then I would make plans to move. Sorry, no easy solution on this one. 

Alternatively, you could get an estimate on fixing the leak an see how much it is.  It ccould be a minor problem. 

The repair won't be a easy fix,, it's no man's land down there,, and don't be held responsible repairing something that's not your responsiblity,, GO now and find out where your local housing court is ask clerk of courts how you would ESCROW your rent with the court due to a needed repair on your rental.

Basically this would protect you from being evicted,, you would pay your rent to the court, they hold it in escrow until the landlord repairs the problem,, you probably have to include written notice you gave to landlord to fix the problem and I would also ask for compensation of the overage average of your water bill.  and include your contact with city regarding repair.

Once ground freezes a company used for this type repair will charge owner about 50% more to do the work..

I had a pipe leak the pipe was about 6 feet down.. excavator, repair, cost me about 1800.00  did end of October,, and would have had frozen ground by end of Nov.

So either pack up and leave or Escrow your rent.. the landlord already gave you his answer,,you have no choice.. each day it's costing you to wait

I want to thank everybody who took his time to give advice thank you BP members you re awesome

OK..You're in Washington state.  This state does allow you some options if a landlord fails to address a repair issue but there are several steps you need to take in doing this.

Here is the statute for you to review.  It's a bit long but not too difficult to understand.  Good luck.  If it doesn't open for you it's statute 59.18.100


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