Inherited tenant attempting to sign lease

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Good morning BP.

Recently purchased a single family in waggaman louisiana. Tenant has lease term that ended and is now month to month with previous owners lease that I have a copy of.

She seems to be in no rush to sign our lease for 6 months as I have been trying to get this done for 2 weeks but tells us she wants to stay.

May I asked how other have or would handle a similar situation?

Thank you

Why not leave her month to month for a while until you see how she works out, rather than being married to her for the next six months?

Otherwise, your best bet is probably to meet up in person with a copy of the lease and have her sign it in your presence. 

Never allow a tenant to control your business. You need to lay down the law with this tenant. At this point in time you are teaching her that she is in control of your business.

Keep her on M2M. Your state landlord tenant regulations should be on line and will answer your questions.

When you purchase a property the tenants lease comes with them. The lease becomes your lease until you change it. If you want her on a M2M lease of your own you send her a 30 day notice to non renew terminating her lease and offer her your new lease. Either she signs your new M2M lease or she leaves the property and you find a better tenant.

Take action, make inflexible demands and  never allow a tenant to control your business. 

@Bruce C. - Yes - you generally inherit the lease with the property. 

But, if her lease term has expired, in many ways, she has no lease and is presumed to be month to month. The old lease terms are somewhat irrelevant - you can raise her rent or non-renew her month to month tenancy with whatever notice your State's landlord tenant laws call for (unless the lease specified terms for her month to month tenancy after expiration, then you'd probably have to honor those). Here in FL, the notice requirement is only 15 days on a month to month tenancy.

This is one reason a longer lease term is often beneficial to the tenant - leases are more stable than month to month tenancy.

But, as a landlord or property manager, month to month is great (especially for newly inherited tenants) - it gives you total flexibility. If you need the tenant to move out, you just say (in writing) "Hey, we need you to move out by next month" (or whenever). If you need to raise the rent, you just do it (with required notice). 

If she turns out to be a great tenant, offer her a longer lease term after a few months of good behavior.