Day-to-day tenant relations during eviction.

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I am currently evicting inherited tenants because it helped me get a great deal. I am expecting the worst as far as damages since they already threatened it and threatened my life with a weapon.

What is the best way to go about keeping these people from destroying my unit until they are evicted? I am in Chicago notorious for being tenant friendly or so my lawyer would like to believe.

Should I do inspections after giving proper notice?

How often is too often in your opinion?

Is it better just to wait it out and leave them alone?

If I do find anything broken or purposely destroyed can I have it billed to the tenants?

Thank you and the reason I ask is when I look online nothing comes up on the best way to proceed during the eviction procedures, I will also be consulting my lawyer about this.

Your lawyer can give you better advice than I can, but I would stay away from the house if your life has been threatened. It sounds like you have more to lost than they do. I don't think inspecting the property would prevent them from trashing it. They're already getting evicted, there's not much else you can do. 

Stay away from the property unless there is an emergency repair or fire. There is nothing you can do to prevent the tenants from damaging your property. Have your lawyer handle the eviction and if the tenants have any assets your lawyer may be able to get a judgment. From what I understand though judgements can be hard to collect because evicted tenants do not often have the money to pay or a way of being garnished.

Agree with others to not initiate communications or visits, just wait.  Which can be one of the most infuriating things to do.

If you have not yet provided notice you could consider offering the tenant a few different options, including cash for keys for a smoother move out.

If they are acting this way, keep the perspective that the most important thing is getting possession of the property back.  Plan on it costing a few thousand and some headaches.  Hope for the best and deal with the reality.

Once they move out you will need to do an accounting of the deposit.  Take photos, get objective costs of replacement/correction.  If they owe you more that the deposit you may or may not have, you can pay more legal fees to chase, or you can turn all the paperwork over to a collection agency.  You will likely not get any money but you will feel better and will warn other landlords.

Frankly if someone had threatened me personally I would have called police, I would have sat in my car until officer came and took report, 

I had tenant threaten he'd burn the place down.. I called Fire chief and he came out and made report. 

Helped in eviction action. 

So are you non-renewing,,with notice to vacate.. so if they don't leave then you'd have cause for eviction.. 

Either way I'd say you could try to tell them that when they leave if unit is empty, broom clean you'll give them cash like $300.00 bucks the day they give you the keys.. otherwise it's a wait and see. 

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