Need suggestions on how to deal with burnt out light fixture

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In one of my more high end rentals, I'm dealing with a burnt out socket on one half of one of the 2 master bath light fixtures.

There are two fixtures with 2 lights each.

What would you recommend? I would assume I will need to replace both fixtures (all 4 lights) so they match and have an electrician do the install since that's not something I'm familiar with doing.

Any recommendations?  I haven't been able to match just the one fixture.

Not sure why it's showing up sideways or how to rotate it.  Doesn't appear crooked on my computer.

If it is simply swapping out two fixtures, a handyman with experience doing that kind of work would be fine.  We change our own, but if you are uncomfortable doing that, hire handyman and watch him/her do the job.   

Also, there are instructions for this on homedepot online.

Switching out light fixtures is pretty easy to do yourself. If you really don’t want to, have a handyman/friend/family member do it for you. Certainly don’t call an electrician for something this simple. 

I know it is basic, but make sure to try a few new light bulbs in the socket before you replace it. You’d be surprised how often this works.

My handyman told me this happens when tenants put light bulbs in sockets that have too high a wattage for the lamp.  Many Chinese made lamps will have stickers that say "60 watt maximum".   If a resident puts in a 75 or 100 watt bulb, you will eventually have problems and it is a fire hazard.  We have gone to LED lightbulbs in an attempt to prevent this problem.

Learn to install your own light fixtures.  It is so easy, even I can do it.

Quite easy to change out a light fixture (once off the wall you could even replace the socket although it would likely be easier just to replace the fixture).  And yes; replace with LED lights instead of letting the tenant use regular bulbs.


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