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Wondered if anybody had a similar situation and have any suggestions on how to handle. I have a condo I bought 3 years ago for purposes of renting it out. The previous owner used it sparingly (maybe 7 weekends a year). The first tenants I had were harassed by the neighbor next door for making too much noise. I engaged an attorney to write a letter to the property manager which didn't do much good. I believe the HOA Board saw the letter but did nothing. These tenants moved out.

New tenants moved in for a year and we had no complaints (or at least they didn't voice any complaints).  These tenants moved out and new tenants moved in.  I have the same problem again with this neighbor harassing them.  I was willing to believe that in the first case, it could be my tenants making excessive noise.  Now with the same thing happening again, I believe it's the neighbor.  He was used to living there with nobody next door, and now people live there.  When you live in a condo, you have to expect you're going to hear some noise from neighbors.

I plan to go to the HOA President to voice a complaint and am checking to see if I can add some insulation to the wall between the two condos. Short of those two options, does anybody have any suggestions or solutions?

Consider reaching out to the neighbor that makes those complaints to get a better understanding of your and his expectations. 

if tenant is being harassed, they should call police. if tenant is making excessive noise at unreasonable hours, neighbor should call police.

@John Smeltzer I would agree that you should reach out to the neighbor. I'd recommend having either a face to face meeting (preferable) or at least a phone call. Context is really important in these situations and emails usually won't solve them. 

A good opening question to the neighbor: "Can you help me understand the problems you're having with my tenants?"

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