Exterior Spigot Restrictor

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Hi team,

We have a accumulated a few apartment buildings this summer and are seeing pretty high water costs. Has anyone added devices to their Exterior Spigots that prevent usage? Obviously we could take the handle off but a pair of channel locks will resolve that. 

Anyone have experience with other options?

Thanks in advance

We have shut off on the inside in the basement. You could just put a lock on it.They can cut them but then you know to go to the higher cost additional shutoff. Also I state no baby pools or car washing and remove all hoses.

I replaced the spigots with caps, except for one that has a special removable key. Those are only 10 to 20 bucks. i installed it myself in minutes. I don't have very large lawns (maybe10' x 6'). The small lawn and my bushes seem to do ok with the evening dew. There was a woman that dug in my garbage for aluminum cans, and she would rinse out the cans with my water, and she didnt bother turning the valve off when she was done....and my tenants with kids would fill up water balloons and all kinds of other non sense...

We have a cut-off valve inside. I can't imagine it being more than a 1/2 hour job for a plumber. This way we can use it as we do- also keeps the pipe clear in the winter.

@Mark Wilton The best solution is an interior shut off valve that is not accessible to tenants. It might cost a few extra dollars, but it is the only way to stop the usage. Tenants will get creative and work around just about any kind of lock. Spend the money now to save it later!

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