Student accomodation - one tenant threatening others

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I need to lawyer up, unfortunately.

I have three tenants and one of the three has threatened another over an altercation of the internet bill. Basically he is refusing to pay and the one tenant said that he was going to cut the other off from the internet if he did not pay.  This led to the tenant standing over the other, with arms on the back of the chair while shouting at him. The third tenant is female and is now feeling threatened and has emailed me about the fact. This is further exacerbated by my having issues with the father of this tenant. 

As I am responsible for the safety of my tenants I am in need of getting this person out of the house. I have to go over the contract, hopefully I can find something there to help me either diffuse the situation and give me the upper hand as the contract states that they are entitled to "quiet enjoyment".

Any advice for a bumbling landlord?


Will be difficult, how exactly did tenant break the lease?
Will it be one tenants Word vs the other? If so without evidence will not be easy to evict
I suggest cash for keys!!! If you really want that tenant out and parent out of your life.
I have a 4br/4 ba condo. I rent out the rooms to college students and all utilities are included w caps. If bill goes above the cap it gets divided by 4 as stated on the leases, helps avoid the issues you are having..
I also have a Property Management Company, although my tenants are easy to manage and I can manage myself I don’t know if future tenant will be the same so I prefer having PM in place.. I was my sons soccer coach for most of his grade school, parents can be the worst and I imagine those bad parents continue being bad while their kid is in College..

@Raul R.

Thanks, the cash for keys is a great idea.  I do the same with utilities but not the internet. The tenants differ each year with needs and some want added services or not and it gets convoluted.

Until now I did not consider a PM because it has been easy to manage.

Are these all tenants in the same unit and under the same lease? If so, I don’t believe you are responsible for their safety, no more than it would be your fault if a husband beat his wife in your rental house.

If one tenant is threatening another person, the threatened person should call the police. The police would get to the bottom of the situation and may issue a restraining order, which would prevent him from returning to the house. Easier than an eviction, and keeps you out of a type of domestic dispute, which are explosive at times.

Originally posted by @Gary Baker :

As I am responsible for the safety of my tenants...

Any advice for a bumbling landlord?


 You are not their mother. Your responsibility is providing a safe dwelling, not settling personal disputes.

It's between them as roommates, if they don't agree can't live together in shared housing, then they have the choice to leave.  they are should all be on month to month so let the person know you'll be glad to take her notice.. 

simply don't get involved, if she can't pay her own internet her agreement to be on a shared bill with a roommate is her's to deal with

Your not a referee, you don't need a PM to handle this. 

It's a domestic dispute and nothing to do about the service you offer in my opinion.. and they are free to call the cops if they have a issue. 

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