Does anybody use 'mylandlordhelper' or 'securepayone'??

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I'm a DIY property manager with 11 doors and looking to scale but our properties are spread too thin (geographically) to work with a single PM and finding 3 GOOD PMs is going to be tough, in the meantime I'm focusing in on the geography and looking to offload some of my day to day duties...  SO I'm wondering about - mylandlordhelper or securepayone (same company).  I heard about them in an advertisement but I can't find much feedback online.  I'll call them directly when I'm closer to making a move; right now I'm just wondering if anybody else is using them/has used them and how that worked out (or didn't!).??  Please let me know your thoughts.


Wondering the same thing. Anyone?

I saw this company mentioned in another thread, and thought I'd bump this topic to see if anyone has info.

I just started researching mylandlordhelper and also a company named Hemlane, check them out too...does anyone have experience with them? 


I've used securepayone for over 4 years.... I needed help because I had a full time job and needed help outsourcing tasks because I did not work with a property management company. They helped me tremendously with the administrative tasks that I didnt like to do or didnt have the time to do. The staff is very easy to work with and really strives to meet my needs. My business grew by over 50 units during this time because I was not overrun by the management piece of the business. I could focus my time on growth and acquisitions. I recommend this for the owner that works full time or for the owner that does not want to hire a property management company and focus on develop "in-house" systems of managing their portfolio.

We have many references and BP members that would be happy to provide additional answers to your questions and can validate if our services might work for you. Jared Kott, Bill Powers, BP Pro, Shomail Malik BP

Hope that might help just let me know if I can help. Thank you, Linda

I use SecurePayOne/mylandlord helper for all of my 200 units. Best thing since sliced bread. They let me focus on growing my business instead of managing property. Very cost effective....1/2 of the price of national service companies. 

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