Carpet tiles for low income rentals?

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I’m curious if anyone has any experience using carpet tiles in your residential rental units?  

Yes; we have used them (prior to starting to use Allure vinyl planks).  Here in Georgia there are carpet mills up in North Georgia.  Several will sell "overrun" tiles that can be shipped.  These are large (usually 18 inch by 18 inch) tiles; easy to put in (I use carpet glue to glue them down).   I would order more than I needed and store the extras in the attic of the rental property.   If a tenant ruined some of them they were easy to replace.


FWIW, a website called sells overruns, discontinued styles, etc. They are also selling LVT, too.

@Gail K.

My husband and I are about to start dipping our toes in buy and hold and my plan is to put LVT in all of the rentals when any floor needs to be replaced - looks nice and from what I've read, holds up great. :)  I just looked up the Allure vinyl planks that you mentioned and they're a very nice price!  

It looks like Allure has a type where edges stick to each other (water resistant and 25 yr residential warranty) and another type that clicks together (and is water proof with lifetime residential warranty).  Which type have you had the best success with? 

I've read some mixed reviews about Allure flooring in rentals based on color. Do you have a go to color that you think holds up well?

We've only used the "stick" together Allure; not the click together version.  Other than requiring a clean, level floor, this product is great to work with.

We purchased 1000 square feet during the Black Friday sale a few years ago; color that year was cherry and we're still using it up.  Prior to that we were using the oak; I probably like that color better as is appears to hide dirt better.  However, during the Black Friday sales at Home Depot, the Allure color they pick is 99 cents a square foot; can't beat that price.


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