Move in Move out Form

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Good Morning BPers

I'm looking to improve my checklist for move in and move out purposes.  Anyone have one they truly like. 

Appreciate any help. 

I use  ezlandlordforms for my leases and included in it is a "move-in / move-out" form. It's usually part of the lease, but you can download it as a separate document. Type "move in" in the search box to get to it quickly.

You have to create an account to get into the site, and once you do, I believe the form can be downloaded for free. You only pay if you use the site to create leases, which is state specific.

there are some apps that you can use as well. one is called ez-inspector and I cannot recall the others but if you maybe do a search you will find some apps that you can use that will make your life easier, keep electronic, keep it on the cloud makes it simple easy to retrieve for any future need