Baltimore City landlords allowing pets?

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I have not allowed pets in the past and am wondering if that is a mistake.  does this increase my liability to a suit if dog bites someone?  how much additional rent are you receiving when allowing pets?  weight restrictions? excluding pit bulls?

thank you for your thoughts!

I made a decision to not allow pets.  I still landed solid tenants, regardless.  Have you ever tried to clean cat pee smells from floors or walls?  It's nearly impossible.  I just don't want the headache of dealing with pets and any damage they might cause.  I'm interested to hear from other landlords that do allow pets.

@Susan C. one national speaker said he would would not rent to pets if it was a new carpet. However when that tenant moved out he would allow pets. He figured by the end of that 2nd tenancy he would need to replace carpets anyway.

Two main advantages for allowing pets; potentially higher rents, and tenants are likely to stay longer. If your area does not have a lot of landlords that allow pets, they won't have anywhere to go and will stay in your unit. 

Regarding damage and pee smell, that can be dealt with at inspections. You should inspect your units regularly anyway. Your lease could be written in such a way that you have the right to force the remove of the pet for sanitary reasons or property damage. If they don't cooperate then evict. 

That said I think we only have 1 tenant with a pet and we inherited her from the previous landlord.  Generally we say no pets allowed.

I allow pets with certain limits. 

The rent I'm charging is high for the area, so that is one reason. The other lives next door. There is a small dog who lives in the adjacent rental townhouse who will bark like crazy at times when people come to the door of my rental. Sometimes he barks when we're just moving around in our own unit. Sometimes he barks for no apparent reason... I saw no point of not allowing pets.

@Nicole B.

thanks for your feedback!  I have always thought the same as you but thought I'd look at the issue again....

@Ned Carey

thank you Ned!

I don't allow dogs. It seems like they are always one of the dangerous breeds- or a mix. If an HVAC person or plumber needs to go in and make a repair and the tenant isn't home they won't go in the house- and I don't want them to. As far as cats go- I allow them. I have never had tenants complain about mice when they have a cat! Turtles, birds and just about anything else is fine with me. Most animals are cleaner than some of my tenants! :o

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