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Hello. We are new landlord and want to have clear understanding on regulations on occupancy limit. We have studio loft apartment units. It is 530 sqft with metal hand rails with metal spiral stair case. We think it is ideal for one person.

We understand that we need to allow two people per bedroom with familiar status. (does it mean a parent and a child (2 people) ? or parents (2 people) with a child or children (not to discriminate number of children??) 

Since they are not familiar status, if a boyfriend and a girlfriend apply for the unit, do we have to allow a couple to live? or can we say it is too many occupancy?? 

Also, we have an enquiry from a mom with 3 year old.  We can not descriminate them; however, a toddler living in an open loft with metal handrail and metal spiral stairs with wide gaps may not be safe...  We can not direct them not to live there but what can we do?

Appreciate for your input. Thank you.

A person is a person,, doesn't matter what age.

As long as your not over occupancy standards you are fine.

I always set my criteria BELOW normal standards because I don't want the traffic.

Studio 1 person

1 br -1 person

2 br  max 3 people.. but I try and stick to 2.. sometime I advertise as 1 BR plus Den..

NO way would I let anymore than 1 person in a studio.

All occupants are listed on the lease, if a child is involved they are listed as "minor child- date of birth after name

Deanna - Thank you very much for your response!! Very very helpful. 

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