vacant building insurance - NJ ( bayonne ,jersey city)

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Am looking for references for vacant property insurance, we have a building that we are fixing up to sell and we need to buy insurance while we do the renovation .  The property is in bayonne , NJ

what you are looking for is a "Builders Risk Policy". You will likely have to pay for an entire year premium but once your renovations are complete and you get a regular policy the unused monthly portion of your premium will be reimbursed. There are many companies that provided this coverage just do a search for builders risk policy.

@kay ferdous.

I recently came accros a great insurance firm. Im currently doing similar job and used them.

Pm me if interested 

Check out Realprotect they have a great program for investment properties especially if you have more than one. Any old insurance broker can help you as long as he/she isn't pegged to one firm like Allstate or someone like that. They need to shop for surplus lines type of insurance but most food independent brokers can help you.

Some builders risk policies require certain protective safeguards to be in place during construction as a condition of the insurance (i.e. lighting, fences, security, etc.) Make sure to talk to your broker about this and other particularities of the policy.

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