Wildlife service, worth it or not?

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My tenants have been complaining about hearing scratching in the walls and ceiling. I'm assuming it is squirrells in the house. I called a wildlife service and they said they would handle the issue with a 3 year guarantee for $1600-2000.

This is a significant amount of money. Is it worthwhile actually paying this? Do the squirrells pose any potential risk to the property or is it just an annoyance to the tenants?

Any input is appreciated.


@Dan P. I have dealt with this issue several times (squirrels, bats, etc). I have in my lease that tenants are responsible for pest control outside of anything that the landlord provides, but I'm unaware of any tenant who would pay for something like this on their own. 

I've used these wildlife services and they are very, very expensive. Keeping in mind that tenants love to spend the landlord's money, I would put the burden back on them and ask them to provide proof of what is actually going on. Is it happening every day or once a month?

If it is something you agree to do I would also recommend getting quotes from several and finding out exactly what they're planning on doing before you commit to anything.

It's not fun paying for these types of things but it's been my experience that they rarely just go away on their own.

Yeah, my leases state pest control is responsibility of the tenant 30 days after the beginning of the lease. Either way, the price does seem high. Can a normal pest control person not handle this? 

A few years ago, we actually had *flying* squirrels getting into the attic-space of our house. Side note-- flying squirrels are really cute! But they are also loud at night and potentially destructive. Anyway, we did a very good search of any possible holes on the exterior and closed them all up when we believed they were out. We also put a (live) trap in the garage since we saw one in there. We caught it. But we couldn't catch any of his/her friends. They must have been out when we closed up all the suspected holes. Fingers crossed with winter approaching that we don't hear anything again.

Nicole W.
it has been my experience that you want to get this handled asap. I have worked on homes where squirrels got into the house ( usually chewing a hole through soffit) and then they just started destroying things little by little.

I worked on a house where squirrels chewed right through the electrical wiring. Squirrel didn't make it but the wiring had to be fixed.

My point is that if you don't take care of it quickly, you might start having other problems aside from just an animal in the house resulting in more contractor costs.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the responses all, much appreciated. I think this is a cost I'm just going to have to swallow. Especially because I am remote and can't make it out to handle myself.

Live trap with fruit or nuts or peanut butter will usually do the trick for price of the trap about 40 bucks..

Take the critters a ways away  several miles or they will just come back.

Figure out how they got in and board it up.

Don't use POISION,, dead animals in attics it pretty gross, you will regret it. 

Your PM or property maintenance guy should be able to set some traps out and I wouldn't pay that price at all...

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