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I am not a landlord, I am a very frustrated tenant. To start, Me and my 4 roommates have lived in this house for about a year and a half, there is no problem with the landlord he is great. What is not so great is my roommate. He moved his brother into the house without asking anyone, im not sure he asked the landlord, he says he did but i dont believe him one bit. Its been 4 months since he did that. His brothers entire apartment is sitting in our dining room and our front yard. All of us roommates have talked to the roommate about the stuff and the brother on multiple occasions but nothing changes. Having the brother in the house is a violation of our zoning laws, the brother also have a lengthy (IMO) criminal history. I am scared to report this to the landlord, because I am scared of getting evicted for his mistakes. Im just not sure what to do in this situation. 

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one for all and all for one..

You all are in violation of the lease if anyone permits a extra person to live in the house with you.

So landlord has every right to terminate all of you. You are all liable for what that guy does, so get him out or get your name removed off the lease so you can leave.

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