DSHS assistance in Washington State for Tenant

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Landlord here... running into this issue for the first time.  My tenant called and asked me to set up a Statewide Vendor # so that DSHS (Department of Social and Health Services) can make payments for rent on the tenant's behalf directly to me.  The form to create a Vendor # also requires me to fill out a W-9.

I'm wondering if anyone has experience with a similar situation?  Also wondering if I'm taking on any legal risk by participating or not participating?  Any general background information would be much appreciated!  Thank you - Ben

Hello, my first time too that I am running into this for a tenant that is requesting for rental assistance through the county. Anyone with answers, please help!

My option, of course not knowing your state laws, would be to simply say know and allow the tenant out of the lease so that you can find a qualified tenant.

If you are not legally obligated to accept welfare tenants get rid of them.

I spent 30+ years in Washington State and have had some involvement with DSHS (although not with housing).

My advice to you: 1) Everything the state does takes three times as long as it should and three times as much paperwork as it should.  2)  You will probably have to attend some indoctrination -- I mean class -- either on-line or in person.  3) Your tenant will be endlessly "educated" on their rights and will have free legal representation. 4 ) Just when you think you know the rules and try to play by them, an administrator will come up with an "ETR" -- Exception to Rule.  Washington State WACs are a one-way street running in the agency's favor.  5) You and your tenant will be randomly sent forms that need to filled out and returned.  If they are not returned by the deadlines, your tenant will be cut off.

The W-9 would be the least of my concerns.  I report all of my rental income.  I fear the Lord and the IRS, in that order. 

My wife and I have section 8 tenants in our properties. We filled out the requested forms and other than getting the initial inspection of the unit have had no problems working with this agency. The rent gets deposited on the first business day of the month and the and the case managers have even assisted in getting tenants to follow the rules of the lease. Vetting of potential tenants is still the key to making this workout successfully for all parties.

Hope this helps.

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