Three day to pay rent or quit

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When serving the 3 day to pay rent or quit notice can i serve it on the day the rent is due, or do i need to serve it the following day?

Property is in California.

Appreciate the response


After the rent is considered tardy say 5th or 10th day depending on how lease is written. You deliver to the tenant, and mail another copy w/ receipt. If they decline to accept post it on the door and take a photo of it. 

My understanding is that the 5 or 10 day is a courtesy and rent is actually due on 1st of the month or whatever the lease says.  

My tenant has been habitually late for the past few months and i want to start the process to get them to move out.  What is the most efficient way to do this?

I'd like to serve both a 3day pay or quit and a 60day notice at the same time.  But is the 3day  notice supposed to be served on the 1st of month or 2nd?

other thoughts?

In Ca, you serve the 3 day pay or quit when the rent is LATE.  In your case its late on the 2nd, unless that is a public holiday, then you serve it the next day because that's the day its late.

In your case with a persistent late payer, I'd try to do a personal service and if that fails a nail & mail service.

Pay or quit delay till eviction is state dependant.  John Adams a local landlording speaker sumarized in his latest video that GA has zero day lag.  Service pay or quit and file for eviction same day.

thanks everyone.  i've "nailed and mailed"  so i think i can start eviction on day 4 by filing for Unlawful Detainer... 

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