month to month tenants who don't pay

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I'm looking for some advice on how to handle month to month tenants that are behind on rent in Michigan.   I purchased a fourplex in late July and as a result inherited 4 tenants, each on a month to month agreement.  I have two tenants that have been late with the rent since I purchased the place.   It is the end of October and I have not recieved any rent for October.  I understand I can give them 30 days notice to vacate at anytime, but I'd like to keep them on board until early Jan-Feb at which time I could do some much needed upgrades/repairs.  

I assume it would be hard to fill two vacancies during the holidays/winter.  

The tenants seem to be taking care of the place, so I'm not worried about damage.  I am getting frustrated, tired of their excuses,  and tired of being taken advantage of.   

I'm looking for advice.  Should I give them 30days? or should I continue to extract some amount of rent from them until I am ready to remodel and put up for rent.?  Am I worrying too much about a filling the vacancy in the winter?

Personally. I'd get them out of there and begin doing the work on the property over the winter season. 

Once the work is complete and if its still winter then you're right it'll be harder to find a tenant to move in but I think its better than leaving someone in there who isn't paying who has the potential of damaging your property. 

Serve the pay or quit notice and begin the process to either get rid of them or train them properly to pay on time every time. When tenants pay late more than once it is always the landlords fault.

Time to put on your landlord pants and step up to the job.

Have you served a pay or quit notice? It is November so if you keep them in there you probably arent getting rent for it so what is the point of keeping them? The sooner you start getting them out the better. Think about it this way, you already have two apartments for rent that you cant fill because someone is in them.

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