New flooring- what would you do?

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We are renovating a smaller unit that needs new flooring in the bedroom/living room (about 350 square feet of flooring). It currently has carpet. We were tempted to glue down vinyl plank (we had luck with pressure sensitive glue in another rental), but it seems like that will require us to add a subfloor. We don’t have the time or talent for that. We did look into click tile, but a great sales rep talked us out of that. He explained the pad wears out and eventually we will need to replace that, as well.

This is an interesting unit. It has a great layout and outdoor space, but it is small is square footage and has a tiny bedroom. It won’t rent for much (maybe $700), so we don’t want to go too crazy with our flooring budget.

Thank you!

I keep hearing about Allure from landlords, and we looked at a similar product. Is there any downside to a product like this? Ideally, we would love to get a long life out of our floor.

I've been using the Smartcore brand from Lowes for the last several rehabs. It's similar to Allure. The material is waterproof and seems pretty tough. It looks like a well cared for wood floor. I think it will last for years but we'll see. One unit I used this in is a long term hold and I put it in the entire house including kitchen except for the two bathrooms. I have put it in a couple of bathrooms in flips though. Once you get the hang of it it installs very well. 

The downsides are that it can be scratched by a careless tenant and I've heard the complaint that it needs to be cleaned often with a broom/swifter/mop. I used a darker color and light colored hair and other stuff shows up on it quite easily. Individual pieces can be replaced though and think of all of the stuff that carpet accumulates over the years.

Glue strip Alure is awesome and an easy self install. If your subfloor is uneven, you can lay down the thin foam underlayment designed for Pergo. We have used it for 4 years in apartments and it has held up well.

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