Renting out a property yourself

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What sites do you recommend to rent out a single family home? We are doing it ourselves. I have heard about Any others? Negatives about this site?

For advertising? Zillow is great. And even Craigslist. We've had luck with both regarding advertising and finding good tenants for SFHs.

Sorry, maybe I wasn’t clear. Need a site that allows renters to plug in their info (aka renters application). 

I’m not familiar with any sites that let tenants fill out an application (unless you have your own website). Is your question specific to the credit check and/or background check? If yes, then cozy is a good site for that, as is I have used both, but somewhat prefer smartmove because I can see the tenants’ credit history in more detail. In both cases, tenants can enter their information and pay the fee and you will get a report.

I also forgot to mention - Zillow doesn’t do the background and credit checks, but I do believe renters can fill out some sort of “profile” that may or may not be useful to you.

I use for marketing, background checks and rent collection.  But I always require applicants to fill out my application form.  I want their signature on a piece of paper for my files.  Some of the online application/screening services do not share applicant SSNs with the landlord.  If I need to take a tenant to court, I want their SSN, Date of Birth, and driver's license number.

Hi Victoria, 

Are there specific things you are looking to do? 

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