Pest Control frequency?

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1. As landlord, have pest control full exterior and interior inspection every 6 months? Every year?
How much should I be paying for this?

2. Known pesticide applications landlords should be paying for proactively?

3. What else??

Of course mentioning services must be pets friendly company:)

Thanks BP! -yes I plan to add to next lease in writing

I live in florida....bug central! I have quarterly outside treatments done on all SFHs. Normally, when I turn a house, I will call and ask for indoor treatment to start off new tenant right. They don't typically charge me for those. I pay $77 per property quarterly. They will also treat indoors if anyone needs it, but I  have found that quarterly outdoor sprays keep bugs out and I've not ever had anyone request indoor treatment.

When I inspect a vacant property, I verify there are no signs of pests. Tenants are responsible for ordinary pest control like flies, spiders, the occasional mouse, etc. It's basically a tenant responsibility unless there is something unusual occurring, in which case I will hire pest control to resolve that one issue.

I have monthly pest control on multi family units. Outside only and interior as needed. Probably over kill.  It’s one less thing that I have to deal with. I try not to provide services for single family places but have on occasion. 

Once to twice a year exterior only and even that is "preventative".  Tenants take care of their own interior pest control needs. to eliminate concerns with allergies (them or their pets) to whatever treatments I use.  I insist that units remain clean to keep pests out.  I also do unit inspections and so far, so good. 

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