Duplex Wholesale solutions needed

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Appreciate others ideas on this one.  

I am wholesaling a duplex.  One side is quite uncooperative about leaving.  They are arguing that they weren't served correctly for eviction, blah, blah.  

How to best handle this in regards to potential buyers wanting to get in to see property ? It needs work. If listed on MLS, I could say that there would be no interior inspection with out accepted offer but that seems silly in this case.


Read the lease, if it's good, it should say something about owner access on 24 or 48 hour notice. When you list the property, say something like showings will be on a day for x amount of time. or 48 hour notice required. Notice the tenants (get them to sign if possible, or video the whole thing, legally of course), and go from there. If they are uncooperative, you always have their security deposit.

Also, When is their lease up? If it's up, or coming up shortly don't renew, and notice them if necessary. If they are month to month, then give them their notice. If they don't go, take them to court.  

You may have to close on this yourself (if needed) and straighten it out. 

Otherwise, it's wholesale sight unseen, take it with the tenants that are there. Not ideal, but not unheard of.

Good Luck!