Would you allow Gas STOVE???

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Possible tenant is retired (and is old school) and wants to bring his own personal Gas stove. We currently have an electric stove in place. I am fine with it but my own concern is obviously if he burns down the place with the gas stove. What are your thoughts? (Him and his wife will have a renter's insurance- we are requiring a minimum coverage unto $100,000 but might need to up that if we allow a gas stove). Would you allow that in your rental property (mostly laminate floor)? If so, what can I do to protect/risk mitigate fire/safety issues? 

Any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated. 

Is there even a gas line running to the stove? There is usually one or the other. I have a rental with a gas stove and don’t think there is that much more risk. Are they going to pay to have a gas line put in?

@Lawrence Henkel III

We do have a gas line in the unit (since we have a gas operated log fireplace) which he can turn on when he moves in, so I'm guessing there is a line you can hook up onto the oven area? So the current stove has an electrical outlet behind, so does that mean he would need a professional to install a gas line by the stove?

Just because you have a gas fireplace doesn't mean the gas feed is anywhere near the kitchen/stove. I suppose I wouldn't worry about it under 3 conditions: 1. The tenant paid for professional installation that you sign off on, 2. The existing stove is safely stored at the tenant's cost, 3. The line is properly capped, turned off and secured when the tenant leaves. I assume they're going to take their stove with them when they go, so I would collect a deposit on the front end for having a safety check performed when they go. 

@JD Martin

I see, I didn't know that, how about that. What deposit would that entail? An Extra security deposit? How would I term it in the contract?

Chances are you'll also need electrical work done as the plugs are different.

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