Landlord Changing to Coin Op laundry Mid lease

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Hello all,

I am residing in Massachuesetts. I was wondering if a Landlord can change from free laundry (Washer and dryer) to coin-op midlease if the his free commitment was not signed upon in the lease? It has been 2 months into the lease for reference.  It was assumed free when the tenants signed for the place in september.

The Landlord is typically expected to maintain the property in the condition it was in when you occupied. If you moved in with a working refrigerator, the Landlord should keep a working refrigerator throughout your tenants. If you moved in with a washer/dryer, then he should maintain the washer/dryer.

If you allow him to start charging for laundry then he could suddenly decide to charge for use of the oven or a parking space. It's normally illegal for the Landlord to change the terms of the lease without your written consent. I would confront him/her about it and give them the chance to make it right. If they don't, then you may have to consult an attorney or your housing office.

If the lease indicates that use of a washer/dryer is included in the rent, then the landlord has to honor the lease.  Or, if you have proof of any communication from the landlord indicating the same, then you might have some recourse.