Rental lease and notice address

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On your lease agreement, do you put down your personal mailing address as the address for the Tenant to send notices?  How do you get around that if you don't have a business address and don't feel comfortable with the tenant knowing where you live?  Thanks.

A few options:  get a po box.  REquest that notices get emailed to your address and you will confirm receipt.  If confirmation has not been received by the tenants ask them to call you. 

We invest in a state where you are required to have an in state address for rental legal notices. We use a registered agent for $50 year. You can also get a virtual street address from some companies and they will scan you your mail, thatt costs more. I think i will do that for regular mail at some point when I start traveling.

Looks like NY requires the release to contain the landlord's address.  Anyone know if a work address can be used?

Have you checked to see if your home address is already readily available on the tax assessors website?  Or through dex white pages?  We have chosen to be transparent with our tenants, and they wouldn't have to dig very far to find us anyhow.

Well, there is some kind of mailing address already recorded in public records for the owner of the property, either at the tax assessor office or the recorder of deeds. That is the address I suggest you use, and if you get a new address make sure to update the owner mailing address in those public records too.

Typically where I have my rentals I am also required to have a rental license with a mailing address - that address should also be consistent with any public records.

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