Who is THE eviction attorney in your state or area?

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Looking for eviction attorneys in your state/area. Who is the go-to attorney in your area? (Looking for all 50 states plus Washington DC.)

Great thread!  Looking for one in the San Francisco Bay Area, commercial property.

Denzil Clements, Contra Costa County and specifically East Bay Area.

Davidson County Nashville Tennessee

Woodbine Legal

In metro Detroit it is Michael Hassan. For evictions and real estate transactions as well. 

Looking for one in the high dessert area in CA

anybody for new york area????

Western North Dakota?

Chicago and suburbs: David Barhydt

anybody for new york area????

The Philadelphia one is Baritz Law with out a doubt.  The best in the business.

@Isaac El
Murtha Law Firm, very experience. I think he only covers Long Island NY.

In Pennsylvania, the answer to this question probably depends on the type of case. 

  • At the magistrate level for a standard eviction case, you have a lot of options. I would say most investors I know have non-lawyers handle the matter or DIY it. Some places like Philadelphia have landlord associations that provide eviction services to their members at a rate that's very cheap. 
  • When a tenant appeals in Pennsylvania, you end up in the Court of Common Pleas. That's "serious" court. Even for relatively smart people, DIY is a bad idea --- even new law school graduates often struggle to properly understand all the procedural rules. So in those cases, you'll probably want to work with an attorney. In fact, if you use an LLC or other fictional entity to own your rental, you might be forced to do so.
  • It's impractical for folks to list every good lawyer that handles these appeal matters. But I would say that when you decide to hire an attorney at this stage, you want to remember that there is only one Court of Common Pleas per County. That's different from a magistrate court where there are dozens or more of them spread across a county. So when you look for a lawyer, you may want to hire a lawyer that practices relatively close to the Courthouse. Otherwise, you may pay a decent amount of legal fees in travel time since some Pennsylvania counties can encompass a wide geographical area. 
  • Commercial evictions are a different ball game. Unlike residential leases where everything is more standardized, commercial leases are much less so in Pennsylvania. I don't know too many attorneys that specialize in commercial evictions, but most commercial litigators will be able to handle such a case.
  • One observational point: I would say that most attorneys do not enjoy handling residential eviction matters whether it is at the magistrate level or the Court of Common Pleas level. The basic problem is that most attorneys make money by billing at an hourly rate. The amount of time that takes to handle an eviction case really doesn't vary based on the rent. In other words, a property that rents for $500 a month is going to take about the same level of work as a property that rents for $2,500 a month. On the other hand, investors tend to feel more “pain” when they are paying thousands of dollars for a $500 rental versus a $2,500 rental.
  • As a result of the above, many lawyers feel that most landlords come away from the eviction “unhappy” no matter what you do. And that is generally not a good way to build a sustainable practice. For most lawyers, you want to get happy clients that give you steady work. Most residential landlords do not fit that mold --- especially investors that do not yet own a lot of rentals.  

Sorry if the above doesn't really answer your question about who THE eviction attorney is. That's hard to say since there are many good attorneys that specialize in different areas. But hopefully, it's helpful for those looking for such an attorney in PA. 

Disclaimer: While I’m an attorney licensed to practice in PA, I’m not your attorney. What I wrote above does not create an attorney/client relationship between us. I wrote the above for informational purposes. Do not rely on it as legal advice. Always consult with your attorney before you rely on the above information.

Spend a day observing in your eviction/ unlawful detainer court.  There will be one attorney handling a large number of cases.  This is the attorney you want.  Approach him in the hall outside the courtroom and ask for his card.  

I would also be curious if any BP members have used these groups to perform an eviction, what their services include, how long it took and what they cost. I understand the costs vary a lot between states.

any good ones in Los Angeles area?

In Central WA (Douglas/Chelan counties) overall I like Robert Hunter.

In the city of Wenatchee, especially if lower income/section 8, Ryan Feeney.  He used to work for Legal Aid.  Get the one that used to provide free services to these tenants!

Both were about $1500 and took about 3 weeks (post 3-day) to get possession depending what day you start.  They only hear eviction matters one day a week here.

For Northwest Wyoming it's the law firm of Me, Myself, and I.

I have about 20 evictions under my belt and I won them all. I used an attorney once, at the request of the owner, and it cost nearly $1,700 and we didn't win, but we also didn't lose. The judge basically told us to serve a 30-day notice, which we did, and then I evicted them when they failed to pay rent. I swore I would never hire an attorney again.

In the great State of Wyoming, Landlords can represent themselves or be represented by their Property Manager. I have to be careful to ensure the paperwork is correct but the rest is easy. I typically spend less than five minutes presenting my case, the tenant jabbers for 30 minutes about how it's not their fault because life is hard. The judge eventually gets tired of it and asks them if they paid their rent. They admit they did not and I get the Judgment and a Writ of Restitution and the tenant gets the boot.


I am the foremost eviction attorney in my area.  Actually eviction law is so simple in Wyoming I usually show my clients how to do it themselves.  @Nathan G. , I don't keep count but you may have done more than me.  I have only had to evict one tenant of mine and they actually moved prior to the court date but I wanted the hearing to get my judgement.  I have never lost one, but again they are very easy.  I think my normal costs with a contesting tenant are about $800, but my last one was only about $400 plus court costs.  It depends on the case and how hard they fight it.  

In the Denver Metro and Colorado Springs markets probably 70% of all evictions are handled by TSCHETTER HAMRICK SULZER who are found at thslawfirm.com. They offer lots of free education and have a number of forms offered on their website for free. They are very efficient and a huge eviction machine but at the same time have a personal touch if you have questions or a unique situation. I use them but have no other connection with them. 

Another company that has an area of practice related to evictions is Springman, Braden, Wilson, & Pontius, P.C. found at sbwp-law.com. The person that handles evictions there is Deborah Wilson. I have not used her but there are others I know who have with good results. 

Another attorney that works in the field and does a fair number of evictions is Philip Klass at klasslawgroup.com. Again I have not used him but I know folks that have with good results. 

Outside of these three folks I don't know any that really work evictions on a consistent basis. 

Much like in other states. A clear straight forward eviction can be done by the landlord and can be done faster if you know what you are doing. I do my own for non-payment of rent unless there is a wrinkle for some reason. Anything outside of non-payment of rent I would hire an attorney. 

The cost starts at about $400 and goes up from there. 

Would love to have referrals here for the Albany, NY area for future reference. 

Law Office of James H. Deans are great eviction attorneys in utah

It's been quite a few years since I've needed him, but in Charlotte, NC we've used James Surane. 


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