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I'm new to landlording and am so happy there is a place like this where I can post questions!

I'm getting a stackable washer/dryer for my unit and the laundry closet is quite small with a depth of 28 inches for the dryer. I only found a few dryers that are this small. Additionally, there is no dryer vent so I will have to add one and it will have to vent up, which according to my handyman is not recommended.

My question is -- does anyone have experience with ventless dryers? The benefit for me is that they'd fit more easily, and I could skip installing the dryer vent, but I see that they don't work as well.  I'm debating between these 2 dryers, one ventless and one traditional vented.

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If you are looking for 24" (compact sized), stackable laundry, Bosch or Miele are your best brands.  Blomberg units were once in this category (or near it), but have declined since manufacturing shifted from Germany to Turkey.

Whirlpool/Electrolux have recently introduced heat pump driven, compact dryers in North America, which is an interesting development ... if only their reliability / repair history were better.

Ventless (condensation or heat pump) dryers work well, but differently, than the more traditional in N.A. element driven dryers.  Yes, they take a little longer to dry clothes (which is why they are coupled with high-efficency / high-spin RPM washers), but use a fraction of the energy.

Thanks Roy! I would probably go with Bosch, then. Would you recommend these units over a traditional vented unit (like the GE one linked)? They're quite expensive, but maybe it's worth it not to have to install/clean laundry vents which might be more trouble since I'm venting out the roof.


@Leslie Chong

All 24" compact laundry units are expensive ... here in Canada, they are almost double (or more) a full-sized, front load unit with equivalent features.

I have read that in some jurisdictions, vented compact laundry units are not longer permitted.  I have also encountered some condominium complexes which indicate ventless dryers are required.

They biggest problem we have encountered with ventless dryers is (re)educating tenants to think a little differently about how they do laundry.  When I was young, my grandmother had a wringer-washer and clothesline on the farm ... so we can adapt.   One of the biggest pluses is no chance of a plugged vent and a dryer fire.

 I think you will see heat-pump driven dryers become more common as they are so much more energy efficient themselves and you do not have to cut a 12.6 sq inch hole through your building envelope for a vent (another inefficiency)

We just replaced an{other} {only} five year old Maytag (made by Samsung) 24" laundry set (vented dryer) for which we could no longer obtain parts with a new Bosch pair this afternoon.   I stuffed the old vent full of rock wool insulation and covered the end with plastic as we explained the differences to expect to the tenant.   When I left, the first load was already on the go.

@Leslie Chong

I have the Whirlpool compact ventless dryer (Model No. WHD5090GW) and matching washer, and I can't say enough good things about it. I've had it for about six months with no issues under light use. I don't have them stacked.

@Roy N. , Account Closed - thank you for both of your feedback! Much appreciated. I will look into both Bosch and Whirlpool.

One important thing to note is that my energy provider will give a $400 rebate for a heat pump dryer. Definitely check into your local rebates offered, as well as any applicable federal tax incentives. I would assume this would qualify for the 30% tax credit, maybe not since it is for a rental; but who knows with the current state of our government.

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