Tenant utilities and pet deposit

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Hello BP, I have 2 questions regarding tenant payments. 1. One of our tenants moved out on Oct 31st at 5pm. Tenant pays all utilities so we requested them to transfer to our name starting Nov 1st (since they were at the unit most of Oct 31st) However, it looks like the tenant actually transferred services on Oct 31st itself. should we bill the tenant for Oct 31st charges? can we deduct it from security deposit before we send it back? 2. This is a general question. If a tenant has pets and we charge a non refundable pet deposit for one year at the time of a new lease, do we charge the non refundable fee again when it's time to renew the lease for the same tenant? Or do we charge only when a new tenant moves in? Thank you!

Hi Mano,

When I worked in student housing, it was a one time non-refundable fee, we did not charge that fee if they renewed their lease. The deposit and fee were taken at time of move in, or just before they brought the pet into their home. 

I hope this helps answers your question! 

Thank you Jenifer! That is what we are planning to do. However wanted to check what others are doing.

I ran into the same dilemma with pet deposit/fee when a tenant renewed the lease.  So, now I charge monthly pet rent in my leases instead of pet deposit/fee.  The pet rent is an incentive for me to accept pets.  It is not to reimburse me for damage caused by the pet.  Damages are billed to the tenant.

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