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Hmmm. Looks like is now charging after providing a number of free reports. Anyone know of other sources? I also check with Craigslist, but rentometer was helpful. Not sure it's worth the cost of $99 to $199 per year.

Their usefulness probably depends upon your market.  Here, they are woefully inaccurate, but are alway sending use e-mails trying to have us contribute "data" ... and, now, trying to sell subscriptions.


I use RentFax, find that they are good in rents. They do charge, but I find that you get what you pay for in most instances

Craigslist has always been good now that is has that map feature. If you're going to pay for reports, I would use as they have a lot more and better information than Rentometer.

I was never impressed with rentometer and felt their figures were VERY inaccurate. I quit going to their site long ago.

rentometer was good for ball park numbers at best.  Not a big loss and would definitely not pay for the data at least in the San Jose area.

Best way to find data is look at current and recent listings.  Even call some.  Watch the scene some before you need to rent to get the trends picture.  Often, pricing varies neighborhood to neighborhood so you want to be accurate with each specific property to maximize your goals.

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