Baltimore flooring and countertop store recommendations?

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hello Baltimore investors, flippers, landlords!  do you have recommendations for flooring, countertop, appliance stores near Balt, if not in the city?  will need to have them do the installation, too.  thank you in advance for any suggestions you have!

Perhaps narrow it down slightly? Internet isnt a bad place to start to look for prices on specific things. I like wood floors plus in glen burnie for flooring, other places are cheaper like people giving stuff away or unloading extra stuff on craigslist etc. Hopefully that helps. Start calling contractors, ask them questions.

thanks Seth.  I hadn't heard of Wood Floors Plus so I'll check them out!  yes, I've been looking at flooring and countertop places on line but it's always good to hear about places people actually like enough to do repeat business there.  Otherwise I'm left with Home Depot and Lowe's which do not seem to be the best places from what I've read on this website.

Hi @Susan C. , here are some places I shop at:

a. Flooring: Golden Elite in Laurel, MD. I buy Luxury Vinyl Planks for my rentals and they have decent selection of products and great prices. Not sure about laminate or wood floors, since I only buy LVP. Wood floors plus is also a good place to go look, but I haven't purchased there yet.

b. Appliances: There are so many options around Baltimore City to buy used appliances. We have a few we like (Best Used Appliances, Wholesale Appliances, Bruno's Appliances, etc.). If you are looking for used appliances, I will recommend you to look around and call a few of them to see if they have what you are looking for. You can only buy what they have at the time you call and they don't know what will they have next week.

c. Countertop: Depends what you want (laminate, granite, etc.). For laminate, Home Depot is ok. For granite I am starting to use a local company, but I will rather wait to recommend them until they do a couple of jobs. So far, they look pretty good (first install next week).

@David Fernandez    hi David and thank you!  very helpful info.  I actually came across Golden Elite earlier today on web search for bathroom vanities.  good to hear you use them for flooring.  will definitely check out the used appliances.  hadn't thought about going that route before.  if you like the granite install please let me know as I think I have to do granite or quartz....

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