Duplex tenant with pet issue - need input

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Hey all - need some input!

I have a duplex and one of the tenants has a dog. The other tenant just sent me an email this morning that the dog has been howling/crying/scratching for 3 days and no one has been home to care for the dog.

I have tried to call the tenant but haven't made contact. My lease obviously grants me entry with no notice in the event of an "emergency", but I'm a little unsure how to proceed.



May sound silly, but did you try call, text, email and their social media accounts, this may tell where they are or if something has happened? If you have tried all of those, I dont think its unreasonable to enter the property

Thanks Kim! I have tried all methods other than social media, as they don't have accounts. I definitely dont want the dog going to the bathroom all over my place and scratching at doors/windows. At the same time, if I can't make contact and they truly have not been there in 3 days - I don't want to become a dog sitter and have to go 3 times a day until my tenant decides to come home.

On my lease I had the tenant put in people they use for emergency contacts. If you have that, then call them to get in contact with the tenant. Sometimes the tenant knows it's you and don't want to answer but will answer their brother or mother. I hate to enter a rental without the tenant knowing because if they are vindictive enough they can claim something was stolen and what proof do you have to say otherwise?

I would also call the police to do a wellness check on the tenant (especially if they're elderly) and make them aware of the crying dog. Animal control will go with and they'll see what's up. I've never had to do this, but they may ask you to come by with a key to let them in (saves on door repairs). 

Go in and check, leave note you checked, If dog is without food water, notify animal control they will come and remove dog more than likely.

I agree a well check is needed on this apt, along with a notice the pet is causing undue noise. 

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