Does anyone show their properties using virtual showings only ??

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looking into using virtual showings, does anyone have any advice or personal experience regarding this matter?

What tool would allow you to do this?

my wife is a realtor and they have the software I’d use it through them for a small fee, I’ve heard of other pm’s doing this

@Joshua Solomon

I've seen some good virtual showing software being displayed on redfin but they don't just exclusively use that. If you only do virtual showings you'd be shooting yourself in the foot because think of all the people that aren't tech savvy, and then think of all the people (myself included) who would not buy a property before checking it out in person first or having my boots on the ground do it if it's out of state.

It's a good addition if you have the money to invest (read that the companies that set it up charge a couple hundred) but I would use traditional methods to bring in more buyers before eliminating many buyers who aren't interested in virtual showings only.

I think it is just another tool to use but I don't think it would replace in person showings except if you are targeting out of state investors. The bigger potential is if you can pay an architect or young designer to do a computer generated virtual showing to drum up interest while you're still rehabbing

Originally posted by @Joshua Solomon :

looking into using virtual showings, does anyone have any advice or personal experience regarding this matter?

 What are the advantages of showing virtually?

Is your wife able to actually rent via virtual only or does she need to eventually need to show in person

I agree with everything above(I also would never buy a property without seeing it first as an investor), I am specifically referring to showing apartments for rent using virtual showings, and how people respond to them. My dream would be that from the showing to lease signing process could all be done via online, to me the virtual showings, if it works, would be a great first step in that direction 

I would never rent a place I only saw virtually

Why do you not want to show in person?

Takes up lots of time, fifty percent of people don’t show to appointments, 

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