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Hi all. Curious to know what online tools or apps people are using to communicate with tenants? A tenant recently told me about Rentigo, which lets landlords connect directly with their tenants to do things like collect rent and handle maintenance requests online. My tenant asked me if I'd sign up so they can use the app to pay their rent and get in touch about any issues that come up. I love the idea of managing my rental properties from my smartphone and I understand the app is completely free for an unlimited number of units. What's the catch?  Curious to know if anyone has had any experience with this or any of the other tools out there? Thanks!

Thanks Megan. Is it also mobile friendly? Any feedback from tenants? 

Venmo is great, pretty much all younger people around me already have it, and I get the money in my account the next day instead of 3-5 days like Cozy.

I noticed yesterday that Cozy is providing a maintenance feature for LL and tenants. Very cool. I used to sing Cozy's praises because it was free compared to the others- now I am so impressed with their developing the things we are all requesting. Great stuff.

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