Adding an sleeper sofa to an airbnb

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I am looking into utilizing a property as an airbnb or short term rental. When furnishing the property, is it worth paying extra for a sleeper sofa or pullout couch? The home already has 3 bedrooms with 2 queens and a full bed. What have you found to be the ROI on a twin sleeper sofa?

I just put a queen sized airbed in the closet.  This airbed cost $100, and is the kind with the electric pump built right into the mattress.  It is comfortable and can be easily pumped up in two minutes.  I have a mattress pad and extra bedding.  I communicate with my guests ahead of time to find out if they want the airbed set up when they arrive.

You can already accommodate a large number of people.  Do you really want parties of 8 staying at your house?

Hi Jim. I think Bettina makes a good point in her last question. To me, it depends on what your goal is with the unit. If adding additional bedding differentiates you from the competition that is out there, it might make sense. It's certainly great to have additional options for guests, but already having 3 bedrooms going seems like the top of the market for the amount of people who are travelling and utilizing Airbnb. Even though our place accommodates 6, we frequently only have 2 to 4 at the most. Good luck!

Have you ever had to move a sleeper sofa in/out of a house? Just kill me now and get it over with...

You have a lot of sleeping space already. An airbed or extrawide couch in a rec area would add as much space as a single sofa bed. You might get more out of adding a portable crib.

Agreed with the above comments... I would just get an air mattress and put it in the closet (make sure to charge more for more guests- even if they are on an air mattress.) I would not bother with the sleeper sofa though as I don't think it's more valuable to you than an air mattress. Good luck! 

I would add a sleeper sofa to already what you got ONLY if you  were going for the ORGY

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