Would you rent to someone who has multiple collections accounts?

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I'm doing some screening for tenants and one I came about that is interested has more than 5 but less than 10 collections accounts. But credit meets minimum and income meets minimum requirements. Would this be a red flag and a disqualifer? 

Whenever in doubt get a CO-SIGNER.  (Do a credit check and qualify them just as you would a tenant).  

Sometimes things happen and you're doomed with bad credit.  Sometimes it's your fault that you are "doomed" and have bad credit.  

I do several methods of screening. 

1.  Credit Check of course

2.  I screen with my eyes (visuals mean a lot.  A long time ago someone wrote a book called "Blink", and it talks about how our first impressions of someone we first meet are usually the correct ones".  

    I watch to see if they park in the driveway, or do they block the next door neighbors driveway.  

     Are the kids wild and run through house.

   Do they try to bring in drinks and chips like they're going to watch a movie?

3.  I also screen with my ears.  I listen to their children when they come to an open house. Believe me, kids can tell you a lot about their parents, and who is going to live in the house with them. 

But the main thing is...are they COLLECTIBLE.. and if there is any doubt in your mind, get a CO-SIGNER.

Nancy Neville

Generally, no.  I wouldn't rent to a tenant with that many collections.  Because that shows they do not have any regard for money they owe.

However, a caveat on that is what are the collections for and did they get paid off.  Personally, I could care less about medical bill collections.  Or any other type of collection where it is conceivable that a person would not have even known about a bill before it was sent to collections.

Hi Peter, 

I think the number of collections could definitely be a red flag, but not always. My suggestion would be to ask for a clarification on the collection accounts. If they are aware of them and have paid or making payments, they will let you know! Sometimes there is good reasoning behind what happened and clarifying will better help you make your decision. 

If not, request a cosigner or move on! 

Good luck! 

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