eviction process in PA

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I have a tenant in my property filed for and received a court date to evict my tenant. Now that it has gone a month should I put another notice on the door for unpaid rent?

Hi Isaac, fellow PA landlord here.  When you filed your eviction paperwork there is a section where you can put the current months rent that is due, and also put in the following month because many times the eviction will cross over into the next month.  If you didn't put it on the paperwork, and you have a decent DJ, when you go to the hearing you can also let them know they haven't paid this month either, and the DJ may add it.  However some DJ's as sticklers for the paperwork and if it wasn't on there when you first filed, they may not add it on again.  Did you put the current and subsequent months rents on the form or just the month that you filed?  Did you receiving your hearing data yet?  When did you first file?  

I did put in this months rent. However, I am unsure if I should post another notice on the door to failure to pay rent? the first hearing was for November 20, 2017 then the tenant asked for a continuance so now it is December 11, 2017.

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